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What is Ithute?

Ithute is a platform designed by educators, for educators.

Our platform allows educators to manage all aspects of the education experience.

We've built this system to benefit both educators and learners. With Ithute, learners get access to teaching materials in real-time. They will be able to collaborate with other learners from around the world, and thus enrich their learning experience.

Teachers are better able to track the progress of their learners in their subject. Understand where attention is needed in terms of subject content, and learning. They are better able to know or track which of their learners are doing good and which of them need some attention and in which areas.


Each Plan includes a set of different features.

Pay as you use

We don't charge any monthly or yearly fees for our plans. They are FREE/Gratis/Mahala forever, our platform operates on a pay-as-you-use model. Meaning you will only be charged on some features based on how much you use. Each plan is allocated an amount of FREE Prysis Credits to begin with, these credits can be used as currency on the platform to purchase features/services. A single Prysis Credit will only cost you R0.50c (Fifty South African Cents).

School Records

Maintain complete school records, including documentation and contacts, in a secure manner, with the option to encrypt the records for added security. Store learners details in a POPIA approved manner with the option of encryption, and get access to secure backups. The records can be shared among everyone in the same school from anywhere in the world.

Subject Matter Content

Teachers and Curriculum Advisors are able to manage Subjects and Subject Matter Content, upload subject documentation, school work (including classworks, homeworks, research, projects, question papers, slides, and answersheets, etc.).

Online Quizzes

Maintain and Administer online quizzes. All learners registered for the school will receive a notification to take the quiz. The setter of the quiz has access to the quiz submissions and results and has the option to release the results to the whole school.

Feature Requests and Updates

There is the option to request for additional features. This is limited to the high end plans only. Updates are free for everyone, and we offer 24/7 support.

Sell Tutorials and Lessons

For the high-end plans, users have the options to sell their video tutorials and lessons to learners across the world. Users will upload their tutorials and lessons and set the price per tutorial or lesson. And have the ability to make extra money on their content. We don't charge transaction fees on purchases, we only charge a few credits per content upload.

Online Tests and Exams

Teachers and Curriculum Advisors are able to set tests and exams. There are options to either administer the test/exam online, or print them out to administer them in a classroom situation. Setting tests and exams is free and not charged, we support TEX and LaTex formatting for Mathematical and Scientific writting.

Marksheets and Reports

For the high end plans. Teachers and Administrators are able to automatically generate marksheets and reports for the class, grade, and/or school. These can be automatted to be generated and sent out to all stakeholders at preset times.

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